The One Thing Your Office Is Missing In 2014

Mike Santiago —  January 1, 2014 — 1 Comment


In our office conference room hangs a calendar. Not just any calendar. A NeuYear calendar.  A calendar that provides our team with some amazing perspective. This entire year is in front of us. All the possibilities, all the opportunities and all the things that are yet to be. This simple tool puts our staff on the same page every week during our staff meetings. Today is not the most important day of your churches life. It is what you do with the rest of them that will really make an impact this year. If you cannot effectively see the entire year at a glance then you might miss some important milestones that God wants you to celebrate.

This is my 3rd year using a wall calendar from . Here is why:

1. It is beautiful.

Seriously, I am not one to get emotional when it comes to office decor but I really enjoy looking at this thing. The seamless nature of the dates and months helps us plan out our entire year in the best way possible. I always have someone on staff with great handwriting fill in the blank dates for me to keep it looking pretty. By itself it carries the class needed to not look like a tacky bulletin board on our office wall.

2. It starts with Sunday.

We live for Sunday. We love Sunday. We consider Sunday the most important day of the week. The thing I love about this wall calendar is that it starts on Sunday. We line up all of our series, special Sundays and events on the far left side of every week and it really helps keep things in perspective.

3. It is dry-erase or permanent marker friendly.

Depending on where you put your NeuYear calendar, you might want to use a permanent marker. But for other things that are set in stone such as special dates, anniversaries and birthrates you can put those on permanently.

4. The Sidebar Helps A Lot.

There is a sidebar that holds a spot for task, goals & highlights. This helps us plan and prepare for deadlines and goals on the same wall. On the sidebar is where all of our ideas and un-finished events land. Maybe there was something we did last year that we want to try again at a different time.
In the end, I can’t recommend this piece of wall art enough. It changes the planning game for any team or business.



Mike Santiago

Mike Santiago

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Mike was born into three generations of ministry. He has traveled to over thirty countries world-wide due to his father and grandfather’s missionary work. His expansive ministry experience has encompassed a wide range of ages and cultures. Mike served in full-time ministry for 7 years as a high-impact next generation pastor and now is the lead pastor of FOCUS Church in Apex, North Carolina.

One response to The One Thing Your Office Is Missing In 2014

  1. Jason Diekmann April 14, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Great post. Tara and I just ordered our first Neu Year Calendar!!

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